What is Guildsmanship: Battle-Scapes?

Team Battles

Guildsmanship: Battle-Scapes is a Turn-Based Team-Battle (TB2) PC game, for multiple teams of RPG characters, controlled by multiple networked players, battling each other in a tactical game setting. Guildsmanship: Battle-Scapes is built on a software framework that models Classic Pen and Paper (CPnP) Fantasy Role-Playing Game (FRPG) turn-based mechanics.

Guildsmanship: Battle-Scapes game-play is coordinated by the host process, which enforces rules and drives game-flow such as turn-taking, actions, opportunistic attacks, reactions, and saving throws.

It is in the Guildsmanship "family" of game systems and shares a subset of the gameplay style and interface. Characters and tactical maps from Guildsmanship are generally compatible with Guildsmanship: Battle-Scapes and vice versa.

Battle-Scapes Components

Guildsmanship: Battle-Scapes consists of three main components:
Battle-Scapes Client
The client is capable of connecting to either one other client for head to head battles, or to the host. Therefore, each client is capable of hosting a two-player game.
Battle-Scapes Host
The host is a dedicated server process that allows more than two clients to connect and form two or more teams. For instance four clients could connect to the host and form two teams, each controlled by two players.
Battle-Scapes Workshop
The workshop allows the creation of characters, parties, combat maps, and magic items.

Battles-Scapes Game-Play Features

Species and Creatures
  • Humanoids: bugbear, dwarf, elf, gnoll, gnome, goblin, half-elf, halfling, hobgoblin, half-orc, human, kobold, orc, troglodyte
  • Monstrous Humanoids: gargoyle, grimlock
  • Elementals: air, earth, fire, water (small, medium, large)
  • Undead: ghoul, skeleton, zombie
  • Vermin: giant ant, beetle & bee; monstrous centipede, scorpion & spider; swarms
  • Giant: ogre, troll
  • Various Aberrations, Animals, Magical Beasts and Outsiders
  • Character Class: barbarian, cleric, fighter, ranger, rogue, sorcerer, wizard
  • NPC Class: warrior, adept
  • Templates: skeleton, zombie, (half-)celestial, (half-)fiendish
Powers and Spells
  • Feats: combat, improvements, meta-magical, proficiencies, skill boosts, and others
  • Spells: 0th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd level divine and arcane spells
  • Class Features: bonus feats, spell-casting, special attacks, bonuses
  • Species Features: senses; movements; attacks; actions; ability & skill boosts
Equipment and Magic Items
  • Armor and Shields: light, medium and heavy armors; bucklers; light, heavy and tower shields
  • Armor Enhancements: energy resistors, concealing
  • Weapons: simple, martial and exotic; melee and ranged; light, one-handed, two-handed and double
  • Weapon Enhancements: elemental powers, elemental burst, critical, throwing, returning and others
  • Other Items: potions, scrolls, wands, magic torches, poisons
Movement, Lighting and Senses
  • Movement: land, flight, jump, climb, fall, incorporeal
  • Lighting: very bright, bright, dim, very dim, magical darkness; ambient and portable
  • Vision Senses: normal, low-light vision, darkvision, blindsight, blindsense
Game Tracker and Action Budgets
  • Initiative: turn-based initiative, multiple rounds
  • Durable Effects: multiple round effects
  • Attacks: regular, multiple attacks, off-hand attacks and opportunistic attacks
  • Action Types: full round, regular, brief (less than regular), twitch, reactive and free actions